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179D E.P. Act Coordinator to Government Agencies

As important to good design in any energy efficient retrofit is competent incentive management. State and local utility rebates; federal grants and tax incentives; and emission offsets may all be applicable to projects.
The 2005 Energy Policy Act created the 179D deduction with a Special Rule that allows governmental entities to allocate a tax deduction of up to $1.80/sqft to tax-paying 'Designer' entities from qualifying lighting/HVAC/and envelope retrofit and new construction projects.  Efficiency Energy LLC provides EP Act Coordinator services to state and local government entities to manage the 179D Allocation process.  Our firm negotiates between the deduction's stakeholders to obtain the required certification, provide a market valuation and monetize the benefit to create savings, defray cost, or provide rebates to the government entity facility owner.  We operate with a fiduciary duty to our government clients to maximize the benefit's utilization and spread taxpayer dollars further when invested in qualifying energy efficient building systems.


The vast majority of 179D-qualifying projects have failed to use the deduction since its inception.   EE recognized this challenge and was founded with the singular purpose of increasing its utilization by government owners.  Our success in aiding our government clients to establish 179D policies and generate interest and buy-in by Designers has produced a win-win model that maximizes taxpayer savings to defray cost, expand scope and/or provide rebates to governmental entity owners investing in qualifying building systems.  

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